my secret

some may wonder how to get rid of excessive 15-20 kilos in half a year. several people at work even asked me “Vanya, what’s your secret?” so here i list several points that seems to be quite important

  • jump-start. to get on rolling down the scale i needed a noticeable first result – i went on walking trip in Georgian mountains [+] and at one go i lost 4-5 kilos. it’s important to get the momentum going
  • ignore soda water and burgers and sweet. i switched to healthy food cafe [+], juices and sugar-free drinks and less sweets
  • every morning small exercise routine. i do sit-downs, push-ups and crunches – three ascending times (10-15-20 and 50-75-100 for crunches as they are pretty easy to go on)
  • at least once a week of highly vaporing physical training. i play futsal on mondays nights
  • walk as much as you can. try to avoid elevators, get off the buss before 1-2 stops from home
  • set your goal in number and date. i made first gradual goal of 97 to 86 (20.09.2018 to 24.02.2019 – actual dates). now i’m going for 80 by september
  • take measures. currently i try to make notice of my weight twice a day – i seems to be like a little game when you see the figures going up and down

my final goal is to get around 71-73 kilos which with my height of 182 sm and age of 36 (as for spring 2019) is around the middle of normal BMI [+]