сори гайз

another pixel-text based t-shirt design with black textile marker on red canvas, it reads “sorry guys”, translitterated to russian

got some step-by-step pictures this time

in pxl it all starts with a grid
then you make respective edged visible to uncover the letters
a close-up on the self-adhesive paper i use
next you cut a stencil with sharp maker knife )
and stick it to somewhat stretched and backed with plywood textile of the t-shirt
got some peels
now we need to fill the uncovered part with paint, a soecial market this time, not a spay paint
the edges first – from paper to textile, trying to get sharp border
several layers needed to have nice full color
then we un mask the result..
looking good !!
the lines doesn’t match, but not too much
on-the-floor final result
ironed, washed and put-on